Large Hire in Loughborough - From Your Local Loughborough Skip Hire Experts

If you are looking for large capacity skip, Skip Hire Loughborough have the 50 yard model which is perfect for major volumes of waste and can be hired.

Recycling the waste is one of our main objectives at Skip Hire Loughborough and we are progressively reaching the target of recycling over 90% of the wastes from our clients. In terms of the quantity of black bin bags, the 50 yard unit can fit approximately 440 black bin bags.

Our team of experts at Skip Hire Loughborough are always on alert to remove your full skip and we carry out the work in a professional and speedy manner.

Clients that choose larger capacity skips benefit in the sense that they can store all types of waste ranging from commercial to household waste. The large capacity skips from Skip Hire Loughborough apper in purpose expressly to clear office waste especially in conference and exhibition weeks when there is more waste than usual.


The 50 yard unit is not the only large-sized skip that Skip Hire Loughborough offer we also have available the 14 yard skip and the roll on roll off 50 yard unit.

Skip Hire Loughborough large skips may be used for home expels and clients have been using our large capacity skips to dispense of the goods you don't want . Many businesses opt to use the Skip Hire Loughborough 50 yard unit because it serves all their waste removal requirements without any inconveniences.

Competitive Rates for Large Skip Hire in Loughborough and Leicestershire


The Skip Hire Loughborough 50 yard skip can hold large and bulky waste such as waste from the construction industry.

The Skip Hire Loughborough 50 yard skip has the capacity that is convenient for long term rental Skip Hire Loughborough competitors are yet to offer this capacity. Leicestershire council requires that people obtain permits for large skips which are to be placed by the roadside and Skip Hire Loughborough can process this for you.

The periods for hiring the 50 yard unit from roll on roll of vary from short term to long term depending on needs of the client.

Skip Hire Loughborough always ensure that we have positioned the large skip according to the instructions of the client because we do not mean for it to be trouble to them. Skip Hire Loughborough are here for the total amount of your large skip needs and feel free to drop us a call through 01509 434036 or send an email via [email protected] and our professionals will support you correspondingly.